Wandavision Spoiler Talk and the Future of the MCU

Wandavision is one of the most talked about shows I have seen in a long time, even more talked about and hyped about than fellow Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian. Fans of the MCU are known for their theorizing and the weekly release schedule of the show gave fans plenty of opportunity to look into the shows details and speculate characters that could appear and storylines they could be going into. This meant that people built up big ideas, but the heart of the show was a smaller, character driven story rather than big blockbuster type reveals we get on the big screen. When you note that your expectations might have been too high and don’t overthink everything in the show and just enjoy the storytelling for what is presented in front of you, you’ll enjoy it more. The downtime between each episode meant there was plenty of time to theorize, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing to wonder what if, as long as you aren’t going to get upset when those things don’t happen. I had long guessed that the show would delve more into the House of M storyline and twist it in a reverse move that would bring Mutants into the MCU, that didn’t come true and that’s okay. Just because shows or films, don’t do everything you expect is it a good thing. Manage expectations. That being said I’m going to theorize about some things from the show and what they could mean going forward in the MCU.

Part of the beauty of the show is that the story started certainly isn’t over. The post credit scene teases fans by showing Wanda reading the Darkhold, a book that will give Wanda knowledge of dark spells and seemingly opening up the multiverse, as she hears the cries of her children who disappeared when the hex came down. This is set up for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which is currently filming and we have known for a couple of years that Wanda would play a role in the film. This seemingly confirms she will be the one that opens up the multiverse and with the dark spells she has learnt from the Darkhold, she could play a role as an antagonist of the film, alongside another villain, likely being Mephisto or Nightmare. This is something else that could be teased in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which could tease the opening of the multiverse if the rumours that previous Spider-Men, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are true, even though we already know that previous villains from their films, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx are returning for their roles. What some people may not know is that Wandavision is set weeks after the events of Endgame, whereas Spider-Man: Far from Home takes place in the summer months and from set photos from the No Way Home set, we know that it is likely to be set around Christmas. This brings the timeline of events of Doctor Strange and the opening of the multiverse into question, as it may not have happened fully in the films just yet. We could perhaps find more answers out in Loki, when the series drops on Disney+ in June where we will see Loki from an alternate universe trapped in time after the events of Endgame.

The mid credit scene gave fans a final chance to see fan favourite character Jimmy Woo, one last time in the series talking to another fan favourite (who was the standout character of the show for me) Monica Rambeau who is asked for a meeting in the theater, where the person transforms into a Skrull and tells her she is wanted and then points up. The most likely option is that this will be referring to Nick Fury, who we saw in the post credit scene of Far from Home is no longer on Earth and is travelling with Skrulls in space. This is likely to be something we see in Captain Marvel 2 which Teyonah Parris is confirmed to appear in. The film is due to be released in November 2022, however we could see Teyonah in Ms Marvel, which is set to drop on Disney+ late 2021 or in Secret Invasion which currently doesn’t have a release date so could be before or after Captain Marvel 2. Never the less, getting to see Monica gain her powers over the series was a big highlight and really well done scene when she goes from the hex wall and comes out the other side.

Other loose ends which weren’t answered in the show which we could see come up in future MCU projects, include White Vision, he just disappears after his battle with Hex Vision. It is possible that we could see him in Doctor Strange. When he left, I thought he was going to the Sanctum Santorum to get Strange, but alas he obviously didn’t. Particularly without Tony Stark, I don’t know where Vision would have gone apart from the Sanctum so we will see next year if that is true, if not there, then likely the next Avengers film, whenever that comes out. And yes, Paul Bettany being the person he had admired for a long time and hadn’t worked with before is funny and praise the man for it.

As for the big twist of Evan Peters being in the MCU and turning up as “Quicksilver”, I believe his role will be over. His statements since the show finished, certainly make it seem like he is done in the MCU but of course it is still possible he could return in Doctor Strange and depending on how the MCU deals and integrates Mutants and the X-Men, but at this stage I just don’t think we will see Quicksilver on screen again.

The only other loose end I can think of is Agatha Harkness. Kathryn Hahn has been highly praised by fans of the show for her role and deservedly so. It was refreshing for a villain in the MCU not to be killed at the end of their film (or in this case series), something they have got criticism for in the past. Agatha’s final lines certainly tease what The Scarlet Witch will do in the future and without her powers and the spell Wanda put on her means that we could see a return to Westview at some point as Agatha helps out Wanda and perhaps helps her understand the Darkhold. Or we just never see her again.

With only less than two weeks til Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel fans won’t have long to wait until the next part of the MCU and no doubt there will be lots of theorizing once again, although the show will probably have less mystery than Wandavision did.

Are there any theories you have of anything set up in Wandavision? Let me know in the comments and like on Facebook to keep up to date with my latest posts and reviews, as well as following on Instagram @Floodersfilms.

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