Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I made it no secret that I didn’t enjoy the first Escape Room movie. I’ve actually watched 3 movies all called “Escape Room” due to Netflix or other streaming services having random low budget films of the same title and they’re all not good. And yet the 2019 one released in cinemas was successful enough to earn a sequel, so how does it compare?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions picks up where they left off the first (and if you don’t remember then don’t worry as this film starts of with a montage of everything that happened in the first). Zoey and Ben travel to New York to track down Minos and find the truth behind the organisation and their deadly escape rooms, but before they know it they are caught once again in an escape room with other survivors of the previous trials.

The first movie suffered from bad acting, uninteresting set pieces and bad writing, is this one better? Just about, but not by much. This one features slightly better rooms and challenges but still suffers from the bigger problem the first one has, where the rooms were clearly written first then a plot wrote around them. At least this time we are now with two characters we sort of care about because they’re the focus of the film, yes it lowers the stakes because is the main character going to die?

I’m always going to compare these films to Saw, the franchise that feels like is to thank for the rise of escape rooms around the world, and of course they’ve gone onto have special themed rooms and none of which do you actually have to cut off your own leg. But especially, Saw II where there are multiple traps and the people are stuck in a house, one tailored for each of them is exactly the same as what Escape Room is offering, but without the talents of Leigh Whannell who wrote Saw and Saw II. In a weird coincidence, Adam Robitel (who directed both these Escape Room movies) also directed Insidious: The Last Key, the most recent Insidious that Leigh Whannell wrote. But the fact the first film came out two years ago and during that time we’ve had a global pandemic that hasn’t delayed the release of this makes it feel really rushed and had little thought put into the film and it shows.

These movies might be the most difficult films to make trailers for, you have to somehow show off the rooms and set pieces without revealing who dies in each room, which was never going to happen, it’s also a Sony film, who notoriously are good at spoiling their own movies.

Overall, I did find this Escape Room slightly more enjoyable than any other film called Escape Room I’ve watched, more interesting rooms and traps, I care slightly more about the characters now we’ve spent another 90 mins with the two characters from the first one, but still don’t care about the new ones introduced because it’s obvious they are just their to die while the main character keeps going.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?#

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