Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I’m someone who grew up with the original Space Jam (I was nearly 6 months old when it was released), I didn’t know much about Michael Jordan growing up as an English boy who had never played Basketball, but Looney Tunes I was there for. So yeah I am someone that has nostalgia for the first film, I’ve watched it a lot, even just the other week and had a good time with it. I was somewhat optimistic that we would get a sequel one day and here we are now.

Lebron James takes over as the lead this time, after he and his son are sucked into the Warner Bros server. Lebron must take on Al G Rhythm (played by Dom Cheadle, yes that’s the characters name and it’s one of the worst ever) in a game of basketball to get back his son, where he is free to recruit whichever Warner Bros characters he can get.

I was optimistic, I was expecting something similar to the level of the first film. Simple, fun film, that’s all I needed. I then saw the reviews which were overly negative but also vastly from people who didn’t enjoy the first one or have any nostalgia for it, so this film wasn’t for them, it’s not an art piece and neither is the first one. I tried not to listen to these opinions but I did lose some of my optimism putting off the film (along with having worked some shifts which weren’t the best to fit in another film before) but I didn’t overly care and those new expectations were met. The film is not good.

The biggest problem to me is how lazy this film feels. The 6 (yes 6) writers that all worked on this film must feel like they’ve earned the easiest pay check in their life for this, I don’t believe that they even had any second ideas or rewrites and just went with the first thing that popped in their heads which is the easiest and often unfunniest thing they could of thought of. None of the original writers return and I felt like it could’ve done with that flavour of the original as it’s just missing something to make it enjoyable, someone who knows what to do with the Looney Tunes rather than what feels like people who have watched a few episodes and remember the first Space Jam just felt like they could do a decent job with this one. Going from the trailer’s I expected to visit multiple properties that WB owns, but instead of that we do that in about 10 minutes instead of spending time in each of the worlds, like Ready Player One did slightly more, ironically something WB also own.

Lebron does fine, he’s not an actor and it’s not a film where I require his acting to be good. Don Cheadle seems like he had a good time but I didn’t enjoy the character and the character’s existence doesn’t make sense to me, even if the character was animated it would’ve been better I think, but the character’s motivation and personality is generic and boring. The rest of the voice cast is good enough.

Overall, I’ve seen worse films this year, but it might be the worst I’ve seen in the cinema this year, it could just be so much better if more time and effort was put into the plot and jokes, meaning everyone could enjoy the film instead of just young children who just like the bright colours of the Looney Tunes, because they certainly don’t understand the vomit of easter eggs in the background or the Game of Thrones references in a film that has a U rating.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of Space Jam: A New Legacy?

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