Snake Eyes Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I have fond memories of the first G.I. Joe when I watched it not long after release in 2009. I was a newly turned teenager who was all for a fun action flick, that wasn’t too serious. I was definitely part of the target market. However 4 years later, I knew better and opted not see the sequel, which flopped big time and didn’t get good reviews, and still haven’t watched it to this day. So when Snake Eyes was announced, I didn’t overly care, although remembered think the character was probably one of the more interesting parts of the universe, and with someone like Henry Golding starring in it, I was hoping for the best, but not overly optimistic.

Snake Eyes follows the story of a man who is trying to find his place in the world, when he saves a man’s life, he is repaid and trained to be security for the man and finds out they are guarding a secret gem, that is being hunted for by Cobra.

I had heard that this film wasn’t particularly good a few weeks ago just before it was released here in the UK so I put it further down my priority list but hadn’t heard too much what the problems with the film are, but it took until the first action scene for me to realise. This film has some of the worst shaky cam I have seen in years. I feel sorry for anyway that chooses to watch this film in 4DX as the seat would just be throwing you in every direction. Badly edited and badly shot in the beginning isn’t going to get the film off to a good start. It still blows my mind after how well John Wick was received with long action shots, movie audiences hope that would be a move away from quickly edited and shaky action scenes but nope, here we are in 2021 with just a badly made, cheap action film that I wanted much better for. The trailers promised some decent action scenes involving swords and martial arts, but we don’t get that and if it’s in there, its badly edited so we can’t see it properly.

I think Henry Golding does a solid job (although his accent does slip a few times), he’s a likeable enough actor to carry the film on with, but the problem with the character is that he typically doesn’t talk or remove his helmet, I get it, it’s his origin but that’s when the character is at his best and most interesting when he is mysterious and we don’t know anything about him, like Black Noir in The Boys, it’s more interesting to let the audience wonder and use their imagination instead of trying to fill in a gap no-one was asking for, a similar problem that Solo: A Star Wars story has.

Overall, Snake Eyes will be unlikely to bring about the return of G.I. Joe to the big screen with this lack luster attempt at keeping hold of the property before Paramount lose it to a Netflix or Amazon who would probably do better turning it into a series rather a very generic film, that will mean it’s one of the most forgotten about films of 2021.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of Snake Eyes?

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