Last Night in Soho Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Edgar Wright made his name with the Cornetto trilogy, three films (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End) that all star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They all showed off a unique sense of British humour and filmmaking that set it apart from anything else, and has meant they have stood the brief test of time since their releases. He has since made Scott Pilgrim vs the World, a film that is known for it’s incredible unique sense of style, a great cast, a great soundtrack and incredible level of detail, as well as making Baby Driver, a film spoken about because of the incredible editing that went to put the film to the beat of the soundtrack. Last Night in Soho sees his latest attempt to show what he can do by delving more into the straight up horror genre than we are used to.

Last Night in Soho tells the story of a fashion student, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) who is uniquely able to enter the 60’s and view the life of wannabe singer, Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy) but the glamour gives way to a darker life and mystery.

Edgar Wright’s record speaks for itself so I naturally had pretty high expectations going into the film with reviews being positive and a good trailer. However, for me it didn’t quite live up to the level we can get from such a talented filmmaker. It’s still very well made with some great cinematography and clever editing, but the story moves so fast at times when I think it could do well slowing down and taking it’s time to progress slower.

The performances are strong from a talented cast particularly from the two main leads. Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy are two stars on the rise, the perfect choices to lead this film that both certainly fit the tone, with Taylor-Joy being perfect to play a woman from the 60s.

We’ve seen Wright dabble in horror with elements in the Cornetto trilogy, particularly in Shaun of the Dead, but this is a straight up psychological thriller mystery rather than the horror we were led to believe it would be. I love psychological films that get in your head and make you empathize with the character as they slowly question what’s going on but I never particularly felt that with the film. Without going into spoilers, there are sudden changes with the character that aren’t explained and don’t feel earned and happen all too quickly.

Overall, Last Night in Soho is still a good film (I don’t think Edgar Wright could ever make make a bad film) that’s very well made, but lacks the punch you want it to and need it to take it to the next step, when it had so much potential to have been one of the years best.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Last Night in Soho?

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