A Journal for Jordan Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A Journal for Jordan is about a couple that fall in love with each other, Dana is a journalist in New York and Charles is in the Army. Dana gives Charles a journal as a gift to write letters to their son, so he can read them when he grows up, when his father is away serving, however before Dana and Charles get married, Charles is tragically killed while serving.

This isn’t a full review so don’t take it as such, and I’ll explain why.

Because of personal connections to the story, it was always going to have a bigger impact on me, than most. But the person it had the biggest effect on was my girlfriend, who she could very personally relate to the story, as it was similar in some aspects to her life and her mother and father. When you’re seeing a film parallel real life like that it’s always going to be hard to see past those similarities, and even a bad film would have an impact.

I will say quickly my points of what I liked and didn’t. Michael B Jordan is a great actor and one of my favourite working, every time he’s on the screen, you can tell he is trying to the best job possible to honour the real Charles.

Where the film falls for me is the run time, dialogue and part of the cast. Chante Adams, new to the industry, this being her first big role, puts in an okay performance but it felt like a performance rather than what you want where it feels natural. The film drags out being a decent 2hr11mins run time, could’ve benefited being 20 minutes shorter.

Overall, A Journal for Jordan was a fresh reminder about how films can impact people, especially when they are based on true stories.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What did you think of A Journal for Jordan?

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