Moonfall Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I never have high expectations for anything Roland Emmerich does. If you weren’t burned by his previous work of Midway and Independance Day: Resurgence, and that wasn’t enough I don’t know what to tell you. Theres definitely a market for these type of awful disaster films and I do understand it. It’s similar to Fast and Furious, it’s simple films where you can just switch your brain off, sit back and enjoy, but they all feel the same, I just want one to do something new.

This time the disaster is that the moon is falling out of orbit and spiralling towards Earth. It’s up to disgraced Astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), director of NASA, Jocinda Fowler (Halle Berry) and a conspiracy theorist, KC Houseman (John Bradley) to prevent the moon from destroying the planet and put it back in orbit.

Noone was going in expecting it to actually be good right? You know exactly what you’re gonna get from these sort of films particularly from Emmerich when all his films are basically the same. And that’s part of the biggest problem about the film, it’s predictable. You know exactly what’s gonna happen. All of Emmerich’s feel the same, and they don’t so anything particularly new or interesting to keep the viewer interested. When I saw the trailer I could’ve told you exactly how the film was going to finish, in fact I probably could’ve just from the title.

There are definitely some moments that do work but they’re rare moments of the over the top tone you want from this film, which doesn’t venture into the silly, camp vibe it should be going for. The cast are fine, Patrick Wilson is consistently good in everything he is in and it’s nice to see someone like John Bradley getting more work after Game of Thrones. Michael Pena is wasted, he has a few minutes in screen time in a small role, a big waste of someone who is very talented.

Overall, Moonfall is exactly what I expected. Dull, boring, with fleeting moments of potential to be fun, the writing lets down the talented cast and provides another disappointing disaster movie in a genre which feels like it’s fading away.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of Moonfall?

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