Sing 2 Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The first Sing is actually alright, it’s a simple animated kids film that has a good heart at the centre of it and the very least offering something different that isn’t a sequel or based on anything particular. Somehow it ended up being a really big hit with families with younger children and families flocked to see it, and as a cinema worker, I can say the same for this sequel.

Sing 2 sees us reunite with Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) and the gang of the first film as they try to make into the big leagues, moving to Redshore City to start a new show, but they have to persuade retired rock star Clay Calloway (Bono) to perform with them.

This film was unfortunately impacted by the fact my girlfriend and I were sat near a woman who had to check her phone every couple of minutes, looking through messages, answering her doorbell, just scrolling through social media, at full brightness on her big Samsung flip phone. So that meant that I didn’t 100% focus on the film, so as an experience it wasn’t the best. Let’s remember to be conscience of eachother when in the cinema.

As for the film itself, it’s okay. I think the story hits harder in the first one and has better songs, a lot of the jokes don’t land for me, but it is a childrens film and sense of humour is subjective. The story is simple in this one, The characters are split into twos and paired of for their own stories, when I think the film would’ve benefited more from focusing on one. It almost feels like it could’ve been a fun short anthology series where you have each episode focusing on each story, giving each one more time and focus to be better.

The cast is still very strong and do a good job, with Matthew McConaughey still feeling perfect cast as a Koala. The new additions of Eric Andre, Bobby Cannavale, Halsey and Chelsea Peretti all fit in and feel at home as part of the gang, it’s only Bono who doesn’t feel as natural to voice acting, when he has the easiest job to sing the shoe horned in U2 songs.

Overall, Sing 2 is still a fine animated film some enjoyable moments, but doesn’t quite hit as hard as the first with a few lazy moments in the scripts rushing to get to the next not memorable song like an episode of Glee.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Sing 2?

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