Dog Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

You’ve got to love a film that has next to no marketing. I work in a cinema, so I was aware of this one just a couple of weeks before it was released. Something that is never particularly a good sign.

Dog stars Channing Tatum as Jackson Briggs, a former Army Ranger on a mission to deliver the dog,of one of his former army friends who passed away, across country to his funeral.

This is the sort of film you will stick on a week night, it pops up on Netflix and you’re like “huh sure I’ll give it a watch, it’s a short runtime”. It’s a simple film with a simple premise. Tatum is up for a busy month with this release and The Lost City coming up at the end of March. Dog being his directorial debut along time another directorial debut with Reid Carolin who wrote the first two Magic Mike films, as well as the next one, which is in pre-production. I don’t know how much it can work when one of the pair are starring in it as well, especially when the other main star is a dog.

This film is a weird one. The poster gives of the vibe of a comedy, the tagline “A filthy animal unfit for human company and a…DOG” suggests it’s going to be a comedy, it’s listed as a comedy on IMDb, but doesn’t contain too many laughs. If anything I’d just have it down as a straight drama. That being said the few jokes that are there do work (particularly a section of the film where Tatum impersonates a blind man), but the seriousness of the story and the tone the directing team chose means it doesn’t fully land in some aspects. It almost could’ve done with embracing the comedy side more, something I think it could’ve got away with doing when the film clearly has a lot of heart at the centre of it.

Overall, Dog is a totally inoffensive watch. Struggles with a confused tone, that isn’t funny enough to be a comedy, and has weird sections where it’s not serious enough to be a drama.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Dog?

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