Morbius Review (No Spoilers)

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The time has finally come to see what Sony are throwing at the wall and hoping it sticks in their continued attempt to try and make backstories for Spider-Man villains, not in the MCU but in their own weird universe.

Morbius stars Jared Leto, as Dr Michael Morbius, a man who has a rare blood disease which causes him to find a cure from bats, which works curing him but also leaves him with a need to feast on blood.

No one expected this to be good right? Jared Leto isn’t exactly on fine form after his performance in House of Gucci was slated for being borderline offensive when he did the most cliche and stereotypical Italian accent for his character. He seems desperate to get a franchise up and going, after he was left disappointed by how many of his scenes in Suicide Squad were cut out when he played the Joker, before he reprised his role in last years Zach Snyder’s Justice League in a small cameo. He also has seen failed franchise attempts with the incredible Blade Runner 2049, which just failed at the box office despite the critical and fan acclaim and is set to be the lead in Tron 3 which is still a few years away. I don’t know what it was about this Venom universe that drew Leto to work with Sony because he was working on it before the release on the second one, and the first one wasn’t a huge critical hit but did well with audiences, something he will be hoping for with Morbius. His deep dive into characters means some people love him, and some people hate him. There’s no denying he has talent but could probably benefit from taking smaller roles and a step back from the spotlight.

The only film I’ve seen before that Daniel Espinosa has directed is Life, a film I really enjoyed actually but is a straight rip-off of Alien basically. Something that is replicated in that there are a lot of similarities between Morbius and Venom, aside from taking place in the same universe. Both feature protangist and antagonist have the same powers, which give them an alter ego where the villain wants to be that form permanetly, and the other form wants to kill people. The only difference being that Venom is liquidy and Morbius is smokey.

The biggest positive of the film is Matt Smith, someone I’ve never overy been a fan of. He is very clearly talented, but this was one of his stronger performances to the point where I would honestly rather be seeing more of Matt Smith in the future than Jared Leto.

Overall, I still don’t care about this weird universe that doesn’t make sense and pray that Marvel Studios decide they can afford to take Spider-Man and his characters off Sony’s grubby hands. Morbius suffers from not being scary, plenty of plot holes, generic action and story, and being another forced attempt to make a universe, instead of letting filmmakers do what they want, a lesson Warner Brothers have learnt recently, as Marvel are the only ones that can get away with it because they have such a strong team.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of Morbius?

I’ll be doing a more detailed dive into Morbius containing spoilers and the bizarre universe this seems to be taking place in, so look out for that over the coming days.

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