What’s next for the Harry Potter Universe?

Spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

The third installment in the Fantastic Beasts series puts a little bow on the trilogy, tying off a lot of stories, seemingly as if most of the cast aren’t going to be returning anytime soon to reprise their roles in a fourth film, and yet there seems to be two more greenlit and in the works.


They might not be fantastical but this is the fight that fans have been wanting to see for years since they read about it in the books. An epic fight that takes place during a wizarding war during WW2, which is the reason why they weren’t inolved in the actual war. We know Grindelwald manages to amass a decent size army in his quest to take over the world.

The chemistry between Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen, two fantastic actors, were a highlight for me in the latest film and I could happily watch more of them.


It is inevitable that Warner Bros will eventually get to making The Cursed Child in live action form. The show is still very popular and recieves praise. It feels like the likely step that WB would want to take to get fans back in seats by chucking the original cast on screen once again, something that fans are dying to see since the announcement of the production. The hype behind the reunion was enough that if they will be figuring out some way of getting the original three back together again at the very least.


Newt was somewhat pushed to the side during the Fantastic Beasts films to make way for the Dumbledore vs Grindelwald storyline, a big mistake, given the strengths of the films has been Eddie Redmayne’s performance and the character’s love for magical creatures, something that would never get old. Just to see Newt go exploring looking after creatures on an adventure would have been fun enough without tying in to the larger universe, with a big villain who wants to take over the world.


If it’s going back to the original series of films and taking something from them, a likely path that wasn’t fully explored in the films, could be get the origin of Voldemort. We got a few flashes to his past in The Chamber of Secrets and The Half Blood Prince, but never went as in depth as the books did so there’s a lot that could be explored, particularly into the Riddle family, and the going ons of his father. This would also give more time for Jude Law to be Dumbledore if they wanted, as one of the biggest plus points of the Fantastic Beasts films.


With a game on the horizon at the end of 2022, a different medium might be the way to go, in a similar way that Star Wars was revitalized with The Mandalorian. With some creative writers (not JK Rowling), with a unique idea to explore a different area of the Wizarding World it could be a big success and something fans could get behind and get people excited from their home first.

I did come up with an idea of a gangster series, following an Auror just after the fall of Voldemort, as other crime bosses try to fill that void, with the leader being a Squib (someone from Magical dissent who doesn’t have wizarding abilities).

The Hogwarts Legacy game at the end of the year has a good chance to get people back on board with this world, especially when JK Rowling isn’t involved at all, something which this universe will benefit strongly from if it continues to do across all media. There will be a future of this franchise, even if it means rebooting it further down the line, but a fresh new start with a new IP could be the way to go.

What would you like to see next in the Wizarding World?

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