Thor: Love and Thunder – The Post-Credit Scenes

This post includes spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder. So, check out my no spoiler review here, watch the film and come back, or read ahead.

From the early screenings of the film I had heard that the post-credit scenes were setting up exciting things for the future of the Thor side of the MCU, and they didn’t disappoint.

It was easy to predict that Hercules was going to be one of those. We already got a decent amount of Russell Crowe’s Zeus in the film, playing a big part when Thor needed his help and then ended up getting his lightning bolt. He was a fun addition to the film, that I enjoyed even if I do wish he wasn’t as much of a joke and felt more threatening. I didn’t have a clue who was going to play Hercules. I know people who had wanted Henry Cavill, cos you’d need someone who was bulkier. Brett Goldstein hasn’t been someone I would’ve thought of but is perfect casting. Goldstein has gotten notoriety from playing Roy Kent, on one of the best current TV shows; Ted Lasso. He will fit perfectly in the future, and of all the post-credit scenes of the Phase 4 films so far that have introduced actors in new roles, this is by far my most anticipated to see more of. It’s easy to see that he will be the antagonist of the next Thor film, likely before working with Thor to take on a bigger villain. If we could just let the whole cast of Ted Lasso be in the MCU, that would be perfect.

The second post-credit scene is a little more confusing. We see Jane arrive in Valhalla where she is greeted by Idris Elba returning as Heimdall. Seeing Valhalla is interesting, opening up the doors for some big characters to return in the next installment of Thor. I don’t know how anyone gets out of Valhalla, but it leaves the door open to see Loki (This timeline’s version, who died at the beginning of Infinity War), Odin, Frigga, The Warriors Three, and Hela. I don’t know how this will tie in to the next Thor, as well as having Hercules, maybe Hercules becomes successful in his mission to kill Thor initially. At least this means we haven’t seen the last of The Mighty Jane Foster Thor and Natalie Portman. There is some weird feeling about the scene, and part of me almost believes that maybe we will never see them again, and it’s just that now we know Jane Foster is in Valhalla with gods instead of heaven, or wherever humans go in this universe.

I was hoping one of the scenes was going to help set up Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, after they had a small role in this film. Would’ve been nice to see where they went after they split from Thor. and they could’ve teased Adam Warlock (who is going to be played by Will Poulter.

I don’t know why I also had it in my head that Silver Surfer was a possibility, setting up something for the Fantastic 4. However, he seems more likely to turn up in Guardians 3.

I’m actually quite excited for the future of this character now, I wouldn’t be shocked if we get an announcement of the next Thor at SDCC in a couple of weeks. They’re unlikely to go into details, as other films are much further ahead in the pipeline. Marvel have said they are turning up, and given we have had anything from them in a while and only know what’s coming up next year from the studios, if they go big at least announcing the next Avengers film to end off Phase 4, along with giving us release dates and casting for Fantastic 4, Deadpool 3 and Blade, and what series are coming up or getting a second season.

What did you think of the post-credit scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder? What are you most excited to see next on this side of the cinematic universe?

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