Casting Superman: Legacy

James Gunn has confirmed himself as the director of the first film in the DCU. The reboot of the DC Universe he is incharge of with producing partner, Peter Safran will kick off in July 2025 with a rebooted Superman, without Henry Cavill in a new universe, a new timeline. Set to likely be with a younger Superman at the very least during his early days at The Daily Planet. The picture Gunn shared in his DCU Chapter 1 Reveal was one from All Star Superman, not a comic series I know anything about but hopefully will have read within the next 2 years and 2 months. So here’s my casting for the big roles that are likely to appear, if not they will in this universe anyway.


There’s been a few people’s names that constantly come up when speaking about who the next Clark Kent could be. It’s important to think about the future of this universe so the age of the actor, you also want someone with the Superman physique and charm. I also didn’t want David Corenswet who I think would be a good choice for the role but when looking at pictures of him, he looks far too similar to Henry Cavill, not the worst thing but I think fans would get hung up on that and the comparisons would be unfair. There are other contenders who I think would do a good job but I always found a reason not to go with them, apart from Wolfgang Novogratz. The perfect age at 26, a relatively unknown having not had an appearance in film or show since 2020 but with 2 projects in the works, with his biggest role being in Yes, God, Yes alongside Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer. He’s got the look down perfectly for a Superman and is in perfect shape, with no doubt if he landed the role he would get in even better shape.


With Lois Lane I think you can go with someone more well known. There are lots of Actresses’ I think would suit the role of Superman’s love interest, but I’m looking for someone in a similar age range to Wolfgang here. (The lead actress of Novogratz’s main film, Yes, God, Yes) Natalia Dyer, Daisy Edgar Jones, Zoey Deutch, Magaret Qualley, Camila Mendes, Melissa Barrera, Oliva Cooke and Maude Apatow were all on my list. Naomi Scott had the egde. We’ve seen her be a lead when she played Jasmine in Aladdin, as well as appearing in Charlie’s Angels and Power Rangers. She’s played strong female characters and would certainly stand up to Novogratz’s Superman.


A difficult role to fill. Martha Kent isn’t likely to have a big role in anything going forward in the DCU as we know this film isn’t going to be an origin story. I was looking for someone a bit older and at 60 I think Jodie Foster just cuts it into the age range I’m looking for with a younger Superman. Noone can deny Foster’s talent and she’s been picking up fewer roles and I think this would suit her needs as well as the films.


I found this the easiest role to cast for honestly. Justice Smith exudes everything I want in a Jimmy Olsen. Everything in his roles in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Detective Pikachu and the upcoming, Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves are exactly what a Jimmy Olsen should be, excited, a bright light and the best friend to Superman.


Laurence Fishburne was a perfect Perry White and I wish I could keep him in this universe and would happily do that, but that feels like a copout. Colman Domingo has been killing it on Euphoria having picked up an Emmy for his performance on the show. He also delivered a great performance alongside Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, proving he can stand amongst some of the best working actors around and steal scenes.


Another difficult role to fill. I wanted someone younger than the typical names that people were chucking around, it doesn’t make sense to have a Superman in his late 20’s with a middle aged Lex. So I was looking for someone in their 30’s. Jeremy Allen White stood out as a star who is on the rise after roles in Shameless and leading The Bear to acclaim. Maybe its the eyes, but I think has the charm, I think I can see the threat he could pose, the political side of Lex too. I think a big role in a cinematic universe is on the horizon for Jeremy and DC would do well to snap him up.

There’s my casting for the main characters in Superman: Legacy and would have big roles in the DCU going forward. It’s very possible we aren’t a million miles away from finding out who would play the big role of Superman and fill in the rest of the roles before the end of the year as the film will likely have needed to start filming or being in late pre-production at the very least.

Let me know what you thought of my casting in the comments, or comment on my posts.

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