Casting The Brave and The Bold

My previous post was about Casting Superman: Legacy and I thought why not move onto the biggest film that will be coming out as a part of the DCU. We’ve seen many incarnations of Batman throughout the years, including currently going on with Robert Pattinson in The Batman. The Brave and The Bold will however take place in the DCU with a new Batman alongside his Robin, his son, Damian Wayne and will be based on Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin series.


A role that brings a lot of pressure with it. Robert Pattinson’s The Batman went down as a hit with critics and fans, and you still have other fans desperate to see more of Ben Affleck in the role, as well as we get to see Michael Keaton returning to the role in The Flash. It’s one of the hottest and most contested roles around, and seeing so many people fight over the role at the same time. Now we know this Batman is going to be older, that members of the Bat-family already exist, he’s already had Robins and his current will be his own son, so the actor first and foremost needs to be old enough where it’s believable he could have a young son. Theo James has been on the edge of leading roles for a long typically being in supporting roles, or having bigger roles on TV. His recent performance in the second season of The White Lotus could give him the edge. He’s 38 so perfectly old enough to have a young son and yet young enough where he could be part of this franchise for a few years. There were a few other people I looked at but could never settle fully on one, until Theo James who seems like the best of what I could come up with. If anyone has any better suggestions please tell me, but James would do a good job in the role. Jamie Dornan is my close second.


Honestly, I was going to leave this casting blank because I think it’s likely we could have an unknown or someone I’m just not at all aware of. But that felt like a cope out so if I had to pick someone I would go with Javon Walton of Euphoria fame. He looks younger than he is, at 16 years old, he is slightly older than you’d want but Hollywood always casts older, but this film is still a couple of years away. He also happens to have been boxing since he was 4 years old, so could no doubt do a lot of his own stunts and be the young Hit Girl-esque young assassin you would want from Damian Wayne.


A lot of the casting I looked at had this role being cast with someone much older than Liam Cunningham who is 61. I think there’s a lot of people that could do it, but maybe my love of Sir Davos has blinded me a bit. I did almost go with Hugh Bonneville who would also nail the role, bringing the most British side to the character. Liam Cunningham could do both and I think would suit bringing more of the Jeremy Irons version of the character who sits on the outside, helping just with the gadgets and retiring from the butler side.


I wanted a Latino Gordon, and if it wasn’t for Oscar Isaac being in Marvel as Moon Knight I absolutely would’ve chose him instead of Luna or even Pedro Pascal, everyone’s favourite TV dad would’ve been a good choice I think. Please don’t take that as me saying that I don’t think Luna would do a good job in the role, because he would absolutely crush it. The man is the strongest part of Star Wars at the moment with his role as Cassian Andor. I see some similar traits crossover from Andor to Gordon and Luna deserves the chance, he’s a fantastic actor and I want to see more of him. Plus we know he would rock a moustache.


I felt it was really important to cast someone of Middle Eastern descent in the role, it was always really jarring to me how white the Al Ghul’s are in The Dark Knight trilogy. The best to look for Middle Eastern actors and actresses? Ramy. The critically successful show has launched a few careers and May Calaway would’ve been a good choice for Talia too, but like Oscar Isaac is busy with Marvel, specifically Moon Knight. I haven’t seen any of Rosaline Elbay’s work but she has the look and fits in the age range I want for a Talia.


Another man from the cast of Ramy, Laith Nakli might have been the only person on here that has appeared in the MCU having played Sheikh Abdullah in Ms Marvel, but with a bit of make up and costuming he would be unrecognisable as Ra’s. It was when I learned he was formerly a body builder as well as having Middle Eastern heritage that gave him the edge and would be a formidable opponent for Batman or whoever comes up against him if they go that way with the universe.


It feels like Dylan O’Brien has been on the brink of getting a superhero role for a while, waiting for the right one to pick up and there are numerous he could do, but perhaps he isn’t suited to anymore than he would be for Nightwing. Another character who fans have been clamouring for a big screen appearance, despite having appeared in Titans. An established Batfamily will need a Nightwing and we all know Dylan O’Brian would do a great job in the role.


The fact that Leslie Grace’s Batgirl film was cancelled under such bizarre and stupid circumstances means I think everyone wants to give her another chance in the role. If she didn’t want to come back it would be completely understandable, but I’d like to see what she can do and get the chance that was taken away from her. She would still be in the age range I think would suit a Batgirl. If she didn’t want to return I think her In The Heights co star and Scream star Melissa Barrera would do a decent job or Sofia Carson has had recent success with her film Purple Hearts and would fill that gap of a singer/dancer as well.


Dacre Montgomery would be the perfect casting for Jason Todd right? I’d love to see Under the Red Hood play out in live-action, but if Batman has moved onto having Damian as a Robin it seems like that would already have happened. Dacre’s role as Billy on Stranger Things got people’s attention and there’s a lot of similar traits that I’m looking for in a Jason Todd and the right age for the role.


LaKeith Stanfield is one of my favourite actors working and I’ve always thought would be perfect as Joker. I don’t think Joker would have a huge role in this universe or at least be a while away from that happening, but he has to be there. To take on the role after Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix it needs to be someone that can deliver big performances. LaKeith has been around for a while and is constantly choosing interesting projects and characters. I particularly looked at his role as Darius on the critically acclaimed Atlanta, where he is chaotic and brings the right sort of energy that I’m looking for and I have no doubt would steal any scene he was in. Yes, Willem Dafoe would’ve been a great Joker but he is far too old at this point for what I want and what I think Gunn wants for this universe.


From what I know about Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin, Doctor Hurt has a decent role and would be perfect for the story with the connection to Thomas Wayne, and the reflection of fathership which would link nicely with Bruce and Damian. I think you can afford to go for a more “prestige” actor for this role, a one and done they don’t have to return for the rest of the universe and help gets some butts in seats. Maybe it was the image I chose but I went that is Viggo Mortenson, a great actor who would certainly only want to be in one of these, the right age, the right look, Mortenson ticks all the boxes. I think Gunn will lean towards these weirder and wonderful villains we haven’t seen before and a cha


Professor Pyg has been a character that has been on the up for a while, whether he appears here in The Brave and the Bold, a sequel or as a villain in a film for another member of the Batman family I think it’s only a matter of time. John Carroll Lynch played killers and creepy characters in American Horror Story as Twist the Clown and portraying John Wayne Gacy, an underrated actor who would know exactly what to bring for this role, bringing the horror and realism needed to this creepy villain.

And there’s my casting for characters that could appear in The Brave and The Bold as well as further down the line in spin-offs and whatever else Gunn and Safran have planned for the DCU. I’ve got some casting left to do for the DCU, I’ll be looking at doing The Authority and then will probably fill out the rest of the roles in the DCU in a mash up. Be sure to follow via the buttons below on social media to not miss those and my other reviews and posts coming up.


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