About Me


My name is James Floodgate, I’m 26 and an aspiring Film Journalist who currently works in a cinema and writes these reviews in my spare time. My favourite films of all time are The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, Alien, Parasite and Inception.

I feel like that’s the basic things covered. I started this site in 2015, a lot has changed since then. Things you may know; I started this site then stopped when I was on a podcast network for a while with a couple of friends from university, which was a lot of fun and taught me a lot about developing my own content. I’d love to get back to podcasting at some point (there are potential plans happening to make that a reality so maybe one day).

My dream is to become a film journalist, whether that’s specifically a film critic. I have such a big passion for film, and love talking about films and watching them more than anything in the world.

Thank you for visiting my site and supporting me to make my dream come true.

Please share and follow the accounts for this page on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to follow me @Floodgate28 on Instagram and Twitter. I also have a Letterboxd @Floodersfilms so you can have a nose at what films I watch and my ratings.

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