Everything Everywhere All at Once Review

My review of Everything Everwhere All at Once!

The Father Review

My review of The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins and Oliva Colman! the film won 2 Oscars at this years ceremony!

Phantom Thread Review

I wouldn’t normally say a film about a man who makes dresses is the type of film that I normally go for, but when Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson are involved then it becomes a must watch. Set in 50’s England, Reynolds Woodcock is a clothes designer for the rich and elite people in…

Darkest Hour Review

This was one of the earliest “Oscar” films that I heard about this year with it’s rumours about Gary Oldman’s strong performance and being an early favourite to compete with Daniel Day-Lewis for the Oscar for best performance by a male actor in a film, so naturally I had very high hopes expectations going into…

Mother! Review

Darren Aronofosky is known for bringing us psychological masterpieces such as Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan, and Mother! is definitely another film by the director that will make you think. Mother! follows Jennifer Lawrence’s character, known as Mother, and her husband Javier Bardem, known as Him. Javier Bardem’s character is a struggling poet,…