D23 2022 News Recap

All the news that came out of D23 2022!

Coco Review

Before talking about the film fully I have to say that I have been annoyed that we could not see this film earlier than we have. America got this film in November and only now has it come to the UK. Come on Disney, sort that out. Coco follows the story of Miguel, a young…

Cars 3 Review

It’s not over until lightning strikes. Cars 3 stars Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Larry the Cable Guy and Armie Hammer. Lightning McQueen is at the top of his game, winning race after race, then all of a sudden a new competitor arrives and changes the racing game forever. A new generation…

Lilo & Stitch Review

Before Disney turned to Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars and rebooting their old films.